Michael Kors’ new chatbot helps teach users more about its smartwatches

Last year, luxury brand Michael Kors launched its Access Sofie and Access Grayson smartwatches. Centered around the Access smartwatch collection, the brand has released its first-ever chatbot.

Currently available for Access Sofie — Michael Kors’ smartwatch for women — on Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant, the bot sets out to teach customers more about its features and functionalities. For those who own the watch, you can use chatbot to guide you through the setup process and to give you tips on how to get the most out of using the smartwatch.

The chatbot will be able to show style inspiration that is curated specifically from user-generated content, along with different interchangeable bands you can purchase and pair with the watch. It will also be there to offer FAQ support and if need be, can transfer you to a customer service representative to help with specific questions.

But for those who don’t own the Access Sofie, the chatbot could be of assistance as well. You’re able to explore different styles and purchase it right away or find a Michael Kors location closest to you.

The bot is also capable of guiding you through videos which showcase the watch’s capabilities, and how you will be able to use it on an everyday basis. You will see the different ways you can customize it as well.

Since the Sofie Access smartwatch uses Android Wear, it comes with three micro apps: My Looks, My Social, and My Modes. With My Modes, you can save your favorite watch faces and have them appear automatically at specific times throughout the day.

Further customization allows you to change the colors of the pre-set watch faces whether it’s the hands or the background. The Sofie’s bands are also interchangeable, so you can switch it out for either a leather or mesh option.

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In order to activate the chatbot through Facebook Messenger, you have to either scan the QR code, search Michael Kors in Messenger App, or click the “Message Us” button on the Michael Kors Facebook page. It will be available through the Facebook Discover page as well.

As for Google Assistant, you can enable the bot by searching the “Michael Kors Access Smartwatch Chat” via the Google Assistant app. You will also have the voice-activated option.

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