The 300$ Lenovo Yoga A12 with the modular projectors and the digitizing pads can be considered the most innovative tablet, or even the a budget laptop .

by paying 300$ the Yoga offers you a 12.2 inch HD  display with ability to swivels around at 360 degree from the keyboard so you can use it as a laptop , a tablet or a sketch pad , you can also benefit from the flat typing experience offered by the HALO keyboard which used to be available only on the pricier YOGA BOOK .

 The Yoga A12 offers a laptop style computing experience without leaving the android ecosystem when switching between the use of the phone and the larger 12.2  screen of the Yoga A12.

alongside with the previously mentioned specs the Yoga A12 comes with INTEL ATOM processor , 2GB of RAM,  32 GB of internal storage , and a battery that offers 13 hours of use , according to the company . 

The harmony of the convertibility and the pricing , the Yoga A12 is really in position to take advanced records , in the race with the chrombooks .

The Yoga A12 will be officially available  February 8th . 

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