2016 was an awesome year for Huawei as Another flagship joined the giant Chinese manufacturer arsenal , the Huawei mate 8 , which has been released in 2016 followed by the Huawei mate 9 and mate 9 pro which will be reviewed in another posts

The Huawei Mate 8 is one of latest smart-phones produced by Huawei . It’s a premium high end handset, while using the Huawei mate 8  you feel the excellent user experience alongside with featured specs implemented.

The Key specifications for the Huawei mate 8 are :

6″1080×1920 pixels


3GHzHiSilicon Kirin 950

4GB RAM64GB memory


Honestly the device is a good looking one, it is not something new from the Chinese manufacturer , since we witnessed the handsome design before on the NEXUS 6P and Huawei mate 7 , the big Chinese manufacturer pays a big attention to the design of its flagship smartphones, even the unboxing experience has been improved than before , while unboxing Huawei high end device you get the nice and special feeling coming from the premium materials and well-studied luxury design provided by  the company .

Design and build quality

The metal and glass components provides a high-end vibe ,The Mate 8 has a sharper and bolder edges.

The Huawei Mate 8 is a 6-inch smartphone. Or in other words 6 inch phablet .

the Weight is : 185g

and the Thickness is  7.9mm

the compact aluminium uni body of the huawei mate 8 provides comfortable feeling while using it, a feeling that make you satisfied about the payed price.

The fine satin finish in the back and the soft clickable buttons in the right side of the handset make the user feel the luxury of the design .

In the left side of the device we find the Dual SIM card tray, that also doubles as a micro SD card reader , the down side about the Sim Card tray is that the second Sim card slot can be used only for 2G , which a little bit limit the use of the network between the 2 sim card slots

The well designed fingerprint sensor , is one of the best aspects of the Huawei mate 8 , it is implemented in back on the non removable back peace . the sensor is fast, responsive, well designed , and well situated , as you can reach it easily with both hands . no lags has been noticed while using it . and the good thing about it is that you can also set it up to perform other tasks than just locking/unlocking the handset , you can use it to take photos, answer calls, or even turn off the alarm .


The 6-inch display on Huawei Mate 8 is  1080p  FullHD ,with a retina of  368ppi, I am pretty sure that the retina has been studied well in order not to consume battery and graphic chip performance than it should  , with the 6 inch full hd display , this  battery and graphic performance are things that should have a high priority in the process .

Blacks in the IPS-NEO LCD panel by JDI,  compared to those on an AMOLED display, are not that spectacular but they are still noticeably better than those  on any regular IPS LCD.


The speakers in the Huawei mate 8 are a little bit low in terms of loudness , but the audio via the 3.5 jack is amazing.

Even with external amplifier the audio still clean .

Photo camera


The Huawei Mate 8  comes with 16MP camera  made by Sony. Which also support  optical image stabilization , face detection ,auto focus. A dual-tone LED flash.

And it is already been the case with sony cameras The camera provides noticeably soft images, which lack the detail and texture. And There also there lot of noise in images.

During daylight, the Mate 8 provide amazing images with pleasing colors , consistently and accurately, but  Dynamic range is decent,

The front camera of the Mate 8 is an 8MP camera . There is enough detail, little noise, good dynamic range and pleasing colors. There is also a nice-looking background blurring.

For the camera Huawei company made a big jump by bringing the lieka dual camera to the Huawei P9  we would love to see that on the mate 8 , but I am pretty sure that next p10 or mate 10 will have a hug improvements in terms of cameras as it is the case with the P9

Battery life

There is nothing to complain about regarding the battery in Huawei mate 8 , it comes with 4,000mAh battery . and it supports fast charging

With  the 9V/2A fast-charging technology it can recharge the 4000 MAH battery from 0 to 35% in 30 mins  , the only thing which can not be considered as a down thing is that , There is no wireless charging support.

In terms of software Huawei need to more improvements in my opinion and I am pretty sure I am not the only one, Huawei need to push more work on the software.

As we could notice the EMUI 3.0 android lollipop based , contained a lot of bugs that has not been fixed till the upgrade to the marshmallow .

And The other thing that make it hard for me to get used to the Huawei software is that there is no app’s drawer,

Huawei tried to add new features to its EMUI as a way of improvements but still need a lot to work on the improvements as it is the case with knuckle sense feature and the voice control feature .

Apart from the software the Huawei mate 8 with its huge 4000 mAh battery and the luxury design is truly a flagship and worth all credits .


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