This startup almost went bankrupt, now it’s one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

This interview is part of our series of Growth Stories. We interviewed the founders and CEOs of 20 of the fastest growing startups in Europe. We asked them about their companies, their companies’ culture, and their lives, trying to understand how these three factors played a role in the achievement of such impressive growth.

Founded in 2014, Tiqets is a Dutch platform that sells tickets for thousands of major cultural attractions worldwide. Thanks to easy-to-use, mobile tickets that grant direct access to the venues, the company’s revenue skyrocketed, growing more than 10,000 percent over the past three years. 

But things weren’t always rainbows and unicorns. Tiqets nearly went down, before surging back up on the road to success.

Many other famous businesses followed the same path. From Apple to Airbnb, recent history pullulates of companies that bulldozed through serious hardships thanks to unrelenting persistence.

However, Tiqets story teaches that persistence is never enough. What matters the most is the ability to change your plans and adapt quickly.

To know more about this surprising growth story, I paid a visit to Tiqets headquarters, a one-floor office bursting with activities close to the Amsterdam city center. Luuc Elzinga – the company’s CEO and co-founder – welcomed me.

We toured through the different departments. The company was clearly in a moment of abrupt expansion. Employees shared desks. Open boxes were everywhere. We sat in a silent, glass-walled meeting room and started by recounting Tiqets’ origins.