Why did Amazon just launch an Android web browser?

There’s no shortage of web browsing apps on Google Play, and today, Amazon’s added one of its own to the list for some reason.

It’s called ‘Internet‘, and Amazon says it’s ‘fast, lite, and private.’ To that end, the app weighs in at under 3MB, features a basic design with a bunch of shortcuts and links to trending news articles on the home page, as well as support for incognito browsing.

TechCrunch notes that it’s only available in India at present, and can’t be downloaded on popular devices from Xiaomi and OnePlus at the moment – instead, I only found it to work with the Chuwi Hi9 tablet I’ve been testing. Granted, it hasn’t yet clocked even a thousand downloads, so it’s likely that Amazon is testing it by rolling it out slowly.

Internet's interface is as basic as they come